Saswitha Yoga Summer Course

Below you will find the program of Saswitha Summer Course. Download the flyer here.

Chakras and the nine planets – yantras and crystal mandalas

Navagraha, the nine planets, have always had a close relationship with mankind. We are governed by seven main planets: Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Saturn, along with two shadow planets Rahu (North node of the moon) and Ketu (South node). Chakras are the energy centres in our body and every chakra is ruled by a planet. Chakras display the nature and characteristic of their ruling planets. The seven chakras within us are like a reflection of the entire solar system which means humans are microcosmos of the macrocosmos.

In this course our main focus will be planets and as every day is related to a planet, we will be discussing the planet of the day, colour of the day, characteristics of that planet in depth and how powerfully they can influence our life. We will be performing puja every day in which powerful planet mantras will be chanted that would address the planet of the day which will get your energy aligned with the planet.
We will also touch upon the connection between the planets and chakras.
Seema Johari (English spoken)

In many books on chakras the ruling planet is mentioned but without further explanation. In this course we will try to understand the relationship between chakras and planets (and their deities) through working with the yantras of the chakras combined with the crystal mandalas of the planets. We will learn about the characteristics of both chakras and planets, based on Vedic Indian numerology, and see if we can comprehend their connection. Knowing your own psychic number can give some indications on openings and blockages in a specific chakra.
Irma Jaspers (Dutch spoken)

Every morning we will start with a hatha yoga class in Saswitha Yoga style, inspired on the planet of the day. We will experience the characteristics of the planets on a physical and psychological level. On Monday Moon energy, Tuesday Mars, Wednesday Mercury, Thursday Jupiter, Friday Venus. Saswitha Yoga is a dynamic, yet subtle, form of classical hatha yoga, developed in the Netherlands during the last 70 years, with great emphasis on the breath as the connection between body (prakriti) and consciousness (purusha).
Diana Plenckers (English spoken)

Ayurvedic lunches according to the planets and colours of the day. Indian Ayurvedic vegetarian food is balanced and satisfying as it contains all six tastes according to Ayurveda. Food cooked with love, served in an inspiring atmosphere and guided by knowledge of the ingredients that are used, is healing. It’s an elixir that will nourish your mind, body and soul. It is prana rich which means: full of life.
Anushree Agarwal


Seema Johari is the second daughter of Harish Johari, who was a teacher, painter, artist and writer of Numerology – With Tantra, Ayurveda and Astrology among many other books. Seema runs The Johari House, a spiritual homestay in Haridwar (India) and a travel agency: Spiritual Vacations.

Irma Jaspers is yantra/mandala expert for many years and teacher in the Harish Johari tradition. Irma is mantra/yantra teacher at the Saswitha Yoga Academy (Saswitha Opleiding voor Yoga en Wijsbegeerte).

Diana Plenckers is yoga teacher and director of Saswitha Yoga Academy (Saswitha Opleiding voor Yoga en Wijsbegeerte). She was one of the first students of Harish Johari in the Netherlands around 1978.

Anushree Agarwal is the daughter of Seema and granddaughter of Harish Johari, who was also a great cook. Anushree is an amazing cook herself. She works with her mother Seema and gives cooking classes all over the world, spreading the art of conscious Ayurvedic cooking.

€ 695,- (whole week, incl. all classes, lunches and drawing kit)
€ 145,- (per day)
€ 45,- (complete drawing kit)

Saswitha Opleiding voor Yoga en Wijsbegeerte (Saswitha Yoga Academy)
Prof. Bronkhorstlaan 10-54 (next to P7)
3723 MB Bilthoven, the Netherlands
+31 030 229 27 44

IBAN: NL 26 ABNA 0499 3896 54 / BIC: ABNANL2A

Several facilities nearby available. Try for instance:

Harish Johari’s book Numerology – With Tantra, Ayurveda and Astrology is recommended ( or
July Monday 2 – Friday 6, 2018, 8.00-17.00 h

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