Special: Microchakra’s

Spiritual Birth, Spiritual Baby, Spiritual Life

a sacred workshop

offered by Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar

Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar“All babies enter the birth they have chosen, accompanied by a specific plan for their life, based on their samskaras. Samskaras are the subtle impressions of past actions from previous lives.

The mother is the baby’s first guru, and the father, its second guru. Both parents have the golden opportunity to guide and care for their child, to facilitate the child’s life plan and mission, as they live a spiritual life that can inspire and be a model for their baby. The parents are also fulfilling their parabdha karmas, their duties in their present incarnation, as they mindfully guide their child in its path, inspiring a spiritual life.

Microchakra™ psychology, presents a pathway to understanding the structure of all behavior, including practical resources and techniques to maintain the openings in one’s subtle energy system. The first three years of a girl’s life and the first three and a half years in a boy’s life are the most important in establishing a child’s sense of being grounded and connected to the earth plane. This is the amount of time that it takes for energy to slowly descend within the right channel, from the seventh to the first chakra, the ‘right-channel age’.

Child-rearing practices, particularly in the first three years of a child’s life, the right-channel age, directly affect the relative openness to the light of the chakras. For example, a child with an open third chakra will feel confident and relate easily with others while third-chakra blockages may result in aggressiveness and an overly competitive attitude. In Microchakras, InnerTuning for Psychological Well-being*, the authors detail indicators of openings and blocks in each of the 147 microchakras along with examples of the actions that would tend to create blocks or foster openness.

This highly interactive workshop will encompass all that is necessary to prepare to conceive, nurture, and guide your child in its spiritual birth, to become a well-grounded presence on this earth, and to experience the fullest spiritual essence it chooses to be.”

The curriculum includes:


  • Spiritual practices to conceive a baby
  • Sacred conception rituals
  • Sounds and mantras for conception, delivery and thereafter


  • Nurturing and nourishing the pregnancy
  • Breath and yoga asanas
  • Massage and bathing rituals
  • Importance of seasonally appropriate oils


  • Natural delivery methods
  • Breathing techniques during delivery

Integration of Family

  • The role of siblings, grandparents and extended family in the birth experience

Spiritual Practices

  • Sacred mantras and the application of specific rhythms to enhance spiritual development
  • How to develop the skills you need to be the best model for your baby
  • Proper nurturing for the first three years, the ‘right-channel age’
  • The effect of the sun, moon, and other planets in spiritual development
  • Protecting the baby by the application/avoidance of sounds and colors
  • Environmental considerations in the baby’s development

Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar created the InnerTuning© system from his early work with breath and sacred sounds, initiated at age 12 with his guru in India. In 1967 his discovery of the 147 microchakras led to his creation of Microchakra Psychology, an integration of ancient wisdom and contemporary psychology.  This system explains the workings of the subtle body, and how openings or blockages in the chakras can either encourage or sabotage psychological health and spiritual development.

*Recommended reading: Microchakras: InnerTuning for Well-being, by Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar and David Isaacs, Ph.D., from Inner Traditions Books, a division of Simon and Schuster, available from Amazon, at the Chakra Institute’s website, and at workshops and special events.